Building Program

PrimeBid’s Quality Assurance Program
PrimeBid follows an extensive Quality Assurance Program to ensure that the visions of the home buyer come fully into fruition while providing a step-by-step process that is simple and easy to follow.   Milestones [accordion title=”Design” state=”close”]The design phase allows our home buyers to collaborate with our construction and design team allowing the buyer to customize and select from a wide range of features and finishes. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Pre-Construction” state=”close”]When this milestone is reached, we will meet with you to discuss and confirm all of your selections and preferences.  This also gives an opportunity to thoroughly answer any questions and providing feedback for any of your choices.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Pre-Drywall” state=”close”]Description to be added.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Quality” state=”close”]Description to be added.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Pre-Closing” state=”close”]Description to be added.[/accordion] Features [accordion title=”30 Day follow-up” state=”close”] Thirty days after the completion of your home, our building and design team will verify that all features and components have been fully met and that it meets PrimeBid’s Quality Assurance Program standards.[/accordion] [accordion title=”One Year Promise” state=”close”] To be added.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Members Area” state=”close”]Our home buyers will have access to an exclusive members area which will feature a timeline, progress updates, permit approvals, and other relevant information for your new home. [/accordion]